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As much as I love to talk in class, writing a blog came with a few writing blocks. Questions such as “What?”, “Why?” and “Who?” kept popping in my head. Then I decided to make one on the soccer world. For the past month and a half now, I have been following England’s Premier League. The league is approaching its second half of the season and so far it’s been a really good one!

Last year, Liverpool FC came so close to clinching the Premier League trophy, coming second with 97 points! That’s the highest amount of points that a team has gotten without actually winning the title in PL history! They only lost one game! This year the tides have turned, and Liverpool lead the top of the table six points ahead of last year’s champion, Manchester City. If you ask me I think that is well deserved. Liverpool have been a wrecking ball of a team this season, still without a loss and having a 1-1 draw with Manchester United be what stopped their 20+ game winning streak.

The player who hasn’t impressed me much on that team is the Egyptian Mohamed Salah. I won’t take anything away from this world-class winger, but he has yet to make quite as much an impact as he did in last year’s Premier League Campaign. I’m sure we’re bound to see him light up the field in the upcoming games, especially when Liverpool are making the final push of the season to stay on top.

My dark horse team, newly promoted Norwich City have certainly slowed down in the season. They began with a bang, with Finnish striker Teemu Pukki scoring almost two goals per the first few games. Recently, Norwich City has been facing a bit of a win drought, moving to the near bottom of the table. They may finally succumb to the best in English football, but hopefully not without a fight. Things could be worse though, they could be bottom-of-the-table Watford… but that’s a story for another blog…

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