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My name is Jose Miguel Guzman. I’m from Cicero, IL, 20 minutes outside of Chicago. I would describe myself as a communicative individual who was raised to be a leader, a gentleman and a scholar.

I am currently enrolled at Drake University as a junior, majoring in Digital Media Production. The reason I chose my major is because I have big dreams of working as a part of a production team for a sport that I’ve always been in love with, soccer. I was born in a Mexican household where my first language was Spanish. Times were good and I had a good childhood, but was unaware of the situation I grew up in. I was raised in a lower-middle class neighborhood and my parents would do anything to keep me from trouble. Gangs were prevalent growing up and that had an effect on the learning environment at school. My dad grew up playing soccer as a hobby to stay off the streets and wanted me to do the same. Since the age of five, I had been watching, playing and falling in love with soccer. My favorite team is Real Madrid, but I stay loyal to my hometown club Chicago Fire.

When High School rolled around, I took a journalism class that required students to go out and make edited videos of anything they wanted. Since I was also playing soccer on my High School team at the time, I made the decision to be a free-lance videographer for our High School Girl’s Soccer team. The experience influenced what I wanted to pursue as a career.

When College rolled around, the perfect career path occurred to me. I could work towards being part of a production team, for a soccer club! The entire idea of working for teams I grew up supporting, while also getting access to watch the beautiful game is so appealing. As a start, I invested my time in working with Drake University’s Creative Services for ESPN3, which broadcasts Drake’s sports games. Currently, I am on a stepping stone towards another job. Eventually, I’ll make my goal come true, but until then I am in the process of working towards that goal, through my job, my experiences and my aspirations. My name is Jose Miguel Guzman and I am ready to take on life.

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